May/10/2019 14:00 - May/10/2019 17:30

Nail Brace -

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簡介 Overview
Minimally invasive interventions are a trend in medicine, and the use of nail braces as a noninvasive treatment modality for patients with ingrown nails has become a novel solution to a common problem. Not only is it quick and effective, nail braces provide an alternative option for patients who have reservations regarding direct nail surgery, either due to the operation itself or its potential complications.

Why do we consider nail brace for ingrown nails?
Conventional treatment of ingrown nails with simple nail avulsion is commonly performed by many general surgery physicians. However, it can be associated with a high recurrence rate. Combining nail avulsion with adequate matricectomy can achieve a better outcome compared to nail avulsion alone. However, patients with underlying diseases including diabetes, venous insufficiency, or cardiovascular disease under anti-coagulant medication have the potential for poor wound healing. In addition, some patients, especially young children, can be fearful of conventional nail surgery. For such patients, nail brace can provide an attractive non-invasive alternative with good results.

What can I expect from the training course?
There will be a full presentation to provide the essential knowledge regarding ingrown nails as well as the underlying concept of nail brace treatment. You can be confident that with this course, you will be able to explain the utility of nail brace to your patients. Afterward the presentation, there will be a hands-on session where experienced clinicians will teach you how to install the nail brace one-on-one. After the workshop, you can receive a certificate of participation.

What type of hands-on material will the course provide?
We will prepare the necessary instruments and provide you one set of free metal wires. Participants will practice installing nail braces on each other.

• Causes and development of ingrown nails
• Concept of different nail brace treatments
• Practical steps and tips on installing nail braces
• Combination therapy utilizing nail brace with other treatments
• Hands-on session: nail brace installation