May/10/2019 08:30 - May/10/2019 17:30

Advanced Injectable Workshop -

內容 主題:大會演講
簡介 Overview
This full day comprehensive pre-congress course is dedicated to those who wish to advance both the knowledge and techniques in the field of injectables. The attendees will have the opportunity to learn:
-The latest updates of injectables techniques and the advanced knowledge of practical anatomy
-When to go beyond injectables for difficult cases and what would be the optimal practice
-Unparalleled learning experience from maestros in holistic patient assessment, planning of treatment and close observation of their cutting-edge techniques of treatment

This course will further examine the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in aesthetic medicine through in-depth discussions:
-Patient assessment using commercially available AI technology with a debate on its impact, benefits until possible aid in our practice
-Head-to-head comparison of the assessment and simulated result of treatment between human maestros and AI

• Latest updates of injectables
• Perspectives from different maestros
• Beyond injectables: What are optimal solutions for difficult cases?
• What is the current position of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the field of aesthetic medicine? What could AI help during aesthetic treatments?
• Human maestros versus AI in assessment of human models
• Live demonstrations on randomly selected patients